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Please note that media representatives, including bloggers, who wish to cover the ‘Arctic: Territory of Dialogue’ International Arctic Forum, must submit a written application for accreditation to the Media Relations Department and complete the registration form on the official ‘Arctic: Territory of Dialogue’ International Arctic Forum website.

Please note that under the Rules for Media Accreditation at the ‘Arctic: Territory of Dialogue’ International Arctic Forum, the following accreditation quotas have been allotted to each type of publication or outlet:

Print publications:
• Newspapers: 3 people (2 journalists, 1 photographer)
• Magazines: 2 people (1 journalist, 1 photographer)
• News agencies: 4 people (2 journalists, 2 photographers)
• Online publications: 2 people (1 journalist, 1 camera operator)
• Television channels: 7 people (2 journalists, 1 producer, 2 camera operators, 2 sound technicians)
• Radio stations: 2 people (2 journalists)

Should you have any queries, please contact the Media Relations Department.
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